Cloud Atlas

corporate family landscape photography bay area san jose pescadero clouds sky

Delicately fluted clouds
Spangled over Pescadero marsh
Just a stone’s throw from the coast.
The ocean may have been angry that day, my friends.
But the scudding clouds were something beautiful to behold.

31 mm | f/5.0 | 1/2500 | ISO 200

In other words, fast.
I made the image in a sliver of a second,
Which shows you just how cool the clouds were yesterday.
I hope you enjoy.

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When I arrived, Baby was sound asleep.

baby newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose

But when my shutter began to click, she woke.
She took one look at my ugly mug and drew the right conclusion, fast.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby mom

Fortunately, Dad has a way with Baby.
And she began to calm down.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby dad

Dad is great.
But Dad plus Mom is even better.
Baby began to rock to sleep.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby dad mom

Before long, Baby achieved a state of perfect bliss.
Awake or asleep, that’s one beautiful kiddo.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose sleeping baby

Oh, and Mom was delighted with the results.
Which makes me very happy.

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The Outsider

bay area san jose family photography portrait kids teens families black and white

That’s Gavin.
And his shirt and his glasses.
Together, they form an image of a fine young greaser.
If you know something about Gavin, you know he doesn’t smile for me.
And that’s exactly as it should be.
He’s got a point of view.
He resists much; obeys little.
Good for him.
Cleverly, I asked Gavin to smile,
Knowing precisely what I would get:
A radiant non-smile of magnificent proportions.
Perfect for a steely-eyed visage and a tough kid aesthetic.
So good on dad for hacking childhood behavior and making the shot work.
A few days later, Gavin hacked me back, proper.
We were scouting light at Stevens Creek County Park.
Dad, he said, posting up in dry yellow grass.
You can take a picture of me for a scoop of ice cream, he said.
One or two?
Two, he said.
No, one.
Smile or no smile? I asked.
He laughed.
No smile, he said.
I got the shot; Gavin got his scoop.
So good on us.

Bay area san jose cupertino family photography kids stevens creek outdoor natural candid portraits

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1103: Origin Story

Bay Area corporate family photography photographer san joseI didn’t go to grad school to earn an advanced degree for nothing.
There’s an entire philosophy behind 1103 Photography.
1’s and 0’s are a nod to the Silicon Valley
And its fascination with data.
An 0 in the shape of a lens,
Which has great iconographic properties.
Plus, let’s face it—nought is cool.
Just ask mathematician Robert Kaplan.
“If you look at zero, you see nothing;
But look through it and you will see the world.”
A fine sentiment, that.
A 3 because everything excellent and rare comes in 3’s.
And 1103 was my home address as a kid.
1103 Milky Way.
No kidding.
Totally astral.
1103 Photography is a homecoming for me.
Lastly, I’m not a big fan of personality.
I’m allergic to personal branding.
Kevin Neilson photography just sounds silly to me.
1103 Photography, on the other hand, is an all-seeing eye without an ego.
At least that’s my sincere intention.
Fingers crossed.

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At Play in a Cupertino Creek

Several weeks ago, I ran a promotion on Facebook: Share my update for a chance to win a free family photo session. Some of you did just that. Thank you. Those who didn’t, I forgive you. Good news—we had a raffle winner! Gail Imamura. Some of you may even know her. She grew up in Cupertino and went to Monta Vista High School. Recently we met at McClellan Ranch in the morning, and I got to hang out with Gail and her kids. They’re a joy and a wonder. Her boy liked me right away. Her girl, not so much.

But eventually she warmed up to me.

bay area san jose cupertino family outdoor photography mcclellan ranch kids

The trick of course is to do what kids love most: play. We had a footrace….

bay area san jose cupertino family outdoor photography mcclellan ranch kids

…and hunted for rocks and threw them across the creek…

…and celebrated Feats of Strength…

…and played peek-a-boo…

bay area san jose cupertino family outdoor photography mcclellan ranch kids

…and even flexed our wildlife biology skills with a crawdad claw.

bay area san jose cupertino family outdoor photography mcclellan ranch kids

All told, we had a blast, and by “we,” I definitely mean me. Gail, it was great seeing you and playing with your kids! Thank you.

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Bay Area Gothic

bay area san jose family corporate portrait photographer black and white rural woman

It’s three o’clock.
The sun is hot, the sky cloudless.
In the heart of the Silicon Valley, the valley of profit and loss,
Between the green western and yellow eastern foothills,
A rural woman stands amidst the wreckage of streams and orchards.
Nearby, the Guadalupe River is littered with plastic debris
And choked with abandoned grocery carts.
Walnut and almond orchards, peach and apricot trees
— Turned under long ago —
Are buried beneath a concrete layer of commercial activity.
She stoops, lifts, hauls, and sweats profusely.
Her eyes blaze fiercely.
Two diamonds gleam in her ears.

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Face The Light

I’m in the City at a coffee shop called Farley’s.
The place is thronging with guests.
And for good reason.
The vibe and coffee are great.
At a table next to me,
Four friends are talking and laughing.
Their banter is infectious.
I listen to them.
I watch them carefully.
Then I home in on one.
She brings great energy to the scene.
Plus, she’s graced by light streaming in from the window.
One of her friends leaves the table.
I shuffle over and plop down in the empty seat.
Hi, I say, warmly.
I want to photograph you.
What for, she asked.
Because I chase good light,
And it’s transfiguring your face right now, I add, lamely.
Her friends chuckle at my remark.
But she doesn’t chuckle back.
She just looks at me, friendly and puzzled.
Sure, she says, go for it.
I smile, she smiles.
Our eyes connect, briefly.
And the camera shutters of its own volition,
Preserving 1/125 of a second in digital immortality.

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